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18 - 21st April 2024

Beautiful long weekend escape, the Lake District

Hikes, wild swims, strong flows & sound baths. Can't wait to explore the lakes with you.

with YOAS Yoga Retreats


17 - 24th Oct 2024

Yoga retreat at a charming cortijo in Andalusia

Come! beautiful sunsets, saltwater pool and a deep dive into the nourishing practices of somatic movement + chanting. 

with YOAS Yoga Retreats



Next dates:

Thurs 21st Mar 7.45 - 9.15pm 

25th Apr

23rd May

20th June

Sacred Song 

The Wildbox, Bristol 

Our monthly cosy evening gathering exploring mantra, kirtan and medicine song with live harmonium. We learn everything from traditional Vedic chants, to playful vocalisation exercises and explore songs from various wisdom traditions in the beautiful spaciousness of the Wildbox. Voices carry collectively so well in here too!


There's some time to dive into the history of Bhakti+Nada Yoga as a practice and get a feel for mantra translations from the Sanskrit too. We often close with a restorative sound bath. 

All so welcome and no ‘good singing’ required. Open to bring your instruments and little ones too. 

£20//£10 concessions for Wildbox members & those needing reduced price

Incl snacks & song sheets. :)



25 + 26th May 2024

Living Tantrik Philosophy: Yamas & Niyamas immersion

w/ Megan Cowles

Yogasara, Bristol

Join us for an exploration of non-dual Tantrik yamas and niyamas (ethical guides or principles of living) in an immersion bringing yogic philosophy to life.

An invitation to unpack and embody these profound teachings through engaged practice and lively discourse that draws directly from Tantrik texts and lived experience.

We will explore the 10 yamas and 10 niyamas as described in the Śāradā-tilaka or 'Sarasvatī's Ornament'. These extend on and modify the more well known yamas and niyamas of Patanjali and we will explore in the workshop why the philosophy underlying these Tantrik yamas and niyamas may be more suited to the modern day practitioner.

Expect a full spectrum weekend of study, including conversation, journalling, movement, mantra, and more to give you practical and digestible tools to enrich your practice whether you’re a lover of yoga, or a teacher yourself.

What are the yamas and niyamas from the Śāradā-tilaka?

Ahimsa - non-violence
Satya - truth
Asteya - non-stealing
Bramacarya - wise management of sexual energy
Krpa/Daya - mercy, compassion, forgiveness
Arjava - straightforwardness
Kshama - patience, tolerance
Dhrti - calm resolve
Mitahara - consume less
Sauca - cleanliness

Tapas - self discipline
Santosa - contentment
Astikya - faith
Dana - giving, generosity
Puja - reverence, worship
Siddharta-Sravana - listening to the teachings
Hri - humility
Mati - pondering, enquiry, discrimination
Japa - repetition (often referring to mantra)
Huta/Homa - offerings into the fire

We will meet at Space238 in Easton, Bristol over two days:

Saturday 30th Sept 1-6pm
Sunday 1st Oct 12.30-17.30pm

More detailed schedule to follow.

Standard £120
Community £100
Bursary - by request, one fully funded space or two half price spaces depending on requests received

We can’t wait to share this illuminating work with you!

Elena + Megan



Rates for the two days, including nourishing snacks to support your practice and a pdf info pack of take-home practices:

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