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I’m passionate about people connecting better with their bodies. By tapping into greater physical, creative, spiritual potential through a yoga practice that is curious, open. 

Much of my life has been spent training in the creative body. Diverse years studying movement, performance, opera and visual arts furthering my fascination with the body’s ability to creatively express, and yoga being elemental in that journey since I emerged jelly - kneed from an Iyengar class in my teens. 

My practice and teaching incorporates flowing movement, philosophical teachings & playful proprioception work, combining my studies in anatomy and experience curating contemporary sacred space. As a grubby child with adventurous parents who loved to travel I became - and continue to be - much inspired by nature, how the elements weave their ways through our bodies and practice enlivens our awareness of them. I'm interested in how this enriches our connection to the world around us.

I love to chant! So sound often colours my classes in the form of modern Kirtan and traditional Vedic mantras, which I share with the aim of empowering people to use their voices as the tools of creativity and expression they are very much designed to be.

As well as public & one to one classes, I curate internationally at festivals & work within my local Bristol community to bring yoga and arts practices to more isolated, or specialist, groups. In essence, the root of my desire to teach is to build community through holistic practice; so you can find me running wellbeing projects in schools and working in the mountains in Bulgaria once a year curating a space called Mesa at Meadows. As a Level 3 Qualified Ayurvedic Massage Therapist and Embodied Mama pregnancy yoga teacher I work with embodied touch too.

Seasonal workshops and retreats across the UK are a big part of my offering with my teacher and friend Steve Taylor, which we offer in collaboration with a community of herbalists, healers and chefs we are passionate about supporting..


 Presently I count my main teachers as Paula Andreewitch, musician Sheeli Bringi and Tantra scholar Christopher Hareesh Wallis. 

Oceans of gratitude too for the writings of T K V Desikachar, Patti Smith, Pema Chodron, Lao Tzu and many more that have brought colour to grey nights.